Friday, December 30, 2011

Cutest Pin Cushion Tutorial

Hi! This is my very first picture tutorial, so I hope you'll bare with me. I was super bored today and wanted to create something quick and fun. I had previously cut some 2 inch blocks and I didn't know what to do with them. The result is what you will see next. Enjoy!

For this tutorial you will need: 

  • Scraps of fabric (cut into even sized squares)
  • Sewing machine 
  • Needle and thread
  • Poly-fill (Cotton balls, shredded batting etc.)
  • Beads or buttons

First we start off with 8 squares in the same size (choose 2 or more coordinating fabrics). For my pincushion I used 2 inch squares because as I mentioned, I had them laying around from a previous project. 
This is my second coordinating fabric, same 2 inch size. It's a good idea to give your fabric a good press  at this point. 

Now we arrange them to your liking. Since I'm only using 2 coordinating fabrics I alternate my squares. 

Time to sew. Place two squares, right sides together and sew 1/4 of an inch seam allowance.  Press your seams to the side of the darker color fabric.

  After we piece together 4 squares for each side and press, we're ready to sew front and back sides to each other. Remember to leave an opening about an 1 1/2". The opening should be on any one of the sides of your pin chushion, not on a corner. You will see why in the next few steps. 

Stitch all the way around your square, remember to leave an opening to turn  your pincushion inside out and  to fill your pincushion. 

Before we turn our pincushion inside out, we're going to give it some shape. 

To add height to our pin cushion, we're going to box our corners. Arrange the corners  to form a point as seen in the picture. 

Stitch about 1/2" from the corner. Remember to backstitch. 

I like to start at the beginning of the corner, sew about half way, back stitch to the beginning, sew all the way through to the end and back stitch once again and end in the center of the corner.

Do the same for all the corners. 

Turn your pincushion inside out. 

This is what your pincushion should look like so far. 

Stuff your pincushion with Polyfill, cotton or shredded batting. 

Cute pillow isn't it?

Distribute the filling evenly. 

Hand stitch the opening with a simple whip stitch. Start a few stitches before the opening and stop a few stitches after the opening. 

Your pincushion is ready to use as is, however if you wish to add  extra embellishment,  read on.

You can add a couple of buttons in the center of each side of your pincushion. I added  a couple of dainty beads to each side.  Thread a needle with coordinating thread. DO NOT make a knot at the end of the thread.

Insert your threaded needle through the very center most part of your pincushion.  Do not pull the thread all the way through,  leaving a length of thread of about 3".

Insert the beads (buttons) in your needle and pull. Remember not to pull the thread all the way through. 

Reinsert the needle in the very center of your pincushion, and add the beads (buttons) to the other side of your pincushion. Stitch in the center a few more times pulling the beads tightly but NOT pulling the thread all the way through. 

Pull your needle out through the side you first started stitching your beads.  To knot your thread, loop your needle 2 times through the  3" of thread we left without pulling all the way. Pull tightly and loop 2 or 3 more times. Pull tightly again and trim the thread as close to the knot as possible. 

Voilá, your pincushion is done! 

Too cute to make just one! 
 If you decide to make this pincushion, I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to follow my blog and comment your thoughts and ideas. 

Click here to view the inspiration for this tutorial.

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